"The First Step to Financial Freedom is a Budget. Nothing Good Happens until Bad Debt is Under Control"

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How To Use Money Buckets Budgets

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Budget 1: Start a Household Budget

This Budget will be suitable for those who are Renting or still Living with parents. It will help you asses your Financial position. It will be a good planning tool to maintain repayments or arrangements. It will suggest a Savings plan. Use it to see what money you be able to allocate to help reduce your debts quickly or to help save a Deposit for a Home.


Budget 2: Start a Household Budget with a Mortgage

This Budget will suit those who already have a Mortgage. You may be looking at making sure you maintain your Home Loan, while still having a Lifestyle. Look at what extra can be put away for Emergencies, used to pay off your Home Loan quicker, or to buy an Investment property. You can also look at the effect of consolidating your debts by doing multiple scenarios.


Budget 3: Start a Small Business Budget

Use this budget to see the viability of a New Business you may be looking at purchasing or starting. Is it going to be viable. Do you have enough money. This Budget can also be used to maintain a monthly Management report of your Business


Budget 4: Small Business Budget with Tax and Cashflow

Assess Profits and Cashflows with estimates of Tax Liabilities. See what is available for you to draw as a wage. Use in conjunction with your Household Budget. Is what you need for Living Expenses available to be taken as a drawing. Have you put in place enough Funding or Loans to cover your cashflow needs? Look at the Cash Flow projections to see if you need extra funding.


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Home Loans and Savings Calculators

Use these Calculators to Find out what your likely repayments on a Home Loan may be. How long is it going to take to save a deposit. Buying and selling costs?


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