"Tick these off"


Have you got what it takes to apply for the low Rates?

Tick these off if you can.

You will need to tick all the boxes in this list to negotiate the best deal. If it is going to be a joint loan, your partner will too.

  Deposit. Have you had the money in the bank for 6 months. Get the Bank account statements to prove it.

  5% deposit may be possible but 10% is going to save you a lot on the Lenders Mortgage Insurance. 20% Deposit will get rid of Mortgage Insurance in most circumstances.

  Does your rent and savings show you have the ability to pay the loan. For instance $400 Rent + $200 a week savings show you can afford a $600 a week Home loan. Get 6 months Bank statements to prove it.

  Make sure you have Internet banking that enables you to download statements and reports by date range.

  Have you cut back on your living expenses in the last 3 months. Most Lenders will be looking at your bank account for your actual living costs, to see if you are able to cope with a home loan. Large amounts of spending on eating out, entertainment and Holidays may cut your borrowing capacity.

  Have you paid out all your other Loans, Cards and Debts. A new home loan is going to take out quite a bit of your Budget. Best not to have other debts restricting your borrowing Power.

  If refinancing or keeping a card, have your credit cards been kept under limit and all loans and bill payments right on time. Collect the last 3 months statements to prove it.

  Have you been in your job for 6 months.  Collect the last 3 payslips. Don’t change or resign from your job till the loan has completely settled.

  If you are self employed, are the last 2 Tax returns done and looking good. We need them

  Are the names on your License, Passport, Medicare Card and Birth Certificate the same and complete. Are all names there and spelt the same on each item. Are all Middle names shown. Get them fixed now. This could hold you up if you need to settle quickly.

Ticked all the boxes so Far.

Collect everything above and call 1800 825 010 for the next step.

We will run your credit report, look at your income and give you a borrowing guide.

Even get a valuation on your property you want to buy or Refinance.

Need help getting into this position, again call us 1800 825 010

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