About Money Buckets

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About Money Buckets

Money Buckets the Budget, is brought to you by Fast Debt Help and Starlight Home Loans. It is a tool that we have had to develop to help people manage their money and to get a true handle on their financial situation.

It needed to be simple, so that it was easy to use and remember. We started with just a household budget, but it quickly developed into a tool that could be used for small business budgeting. Those that are self employed and run a small business can now use the small business budget to know their true income and costs and what their GST and income tax liabilities are likely to be. In addition to this, a month by month cash flow amount is calculated which is invaluable to any small business

Many of our clients have found that at the 2 year mark, around the first tax bill, they are in financial trouble. If they ignore the problem and leave it a couple more years, which is exactly what human nature tends to do, they find their tax bill has tripled.

So Small Business Money Buckets was needed. If we were to fix the tax and debt problems, we needed a plan to pay back the debts, whilst not getting back in the same position again a couple of years later.

Fast Debt Help and Starlight Home Loans have helped thousands of people over the years to get their debt problems under control, start a budget and to prepare to purchase their own home.

Even when you have Debt Problems that need a remedy, once a solution and budget gets you out of debt, you can maintain your new found budgeting discipline, to save for your home deposit. You just need to continue the plan, as a savings plan instead of a debt reduction plan. (Whilst not running up cards again) There is generally a light at the end of the tunnel if you want it.

The business originally started as Starlight Home loans, but the amount of people who needed help with debts became larger and larger. So Fast Debt Help was born, to offer specialist debt help, via Debt Agreements and Informal Arrangements. This can take advantage of government legislation to help people in financial trouble. It started to take up nearly all of our time and we didn't get a lot of time to do home loans.

However when house pricing started to move up dramatically in Australia, many people who had mortgages found they didn't qualify for the protection offered by a Debt Agreement, because their house price had pushed them beyond the equity threshold they were allowed.

Fortunately these same circumstances has seen many specialist lenders who offer what is called a Non Conforming Home Loan come back into the market. This allowed us to help refinance Home Loans even in difficult financial situations, even involving bad credit. We also saw the need to help people budget to eventually buy their own home. The dream was still strong but the means seemed out of reach. Dreams can come true if you stick to a planned budget.

So now we offer a complete service from Debt Solutions to Home Loans and we would like to offer you the use of these budgets to help you on your way. You can save them to our site, edit them, create new ones to play with and go back to them when you need to update the numbers. They are secure and are not shared with anyone else. All we ask is that if you are in a position where you may need a Debt Solution or a Home Loan you give us a look in.

Please feel free to send us any feedback you have on using the web site or what you might like to see.

Alan and Lea Williams Directors
Fast Debt Help and Starlight Home Loans